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Are We There Yet? is an American television sitcom, which premiered on TBS on June 2, 2010. Based on the 2005 feature film of the same name, it revolves around a family adjusting to the new addition of the matriarch's new husband and trying to deal with normal family situations. Martin Lawrence, Ali LeRoi, Matt Alvarez, Vince Totino, and Joe Roth serve as the show's executive producers.

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Season 2, Episode 34: "Lindsey Goes Vegan" - When Lindsey decides to adopt a vegan lifestyle, Suzanne convinces Nick they should go vegan as well - a decision they soon regret when they learn the extent of Lindsey's dedication and, eventually, her true motivations.

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Are We There Yet? will be returning for Season 3 in early 2012.
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Are We There Yet ? - You'll Know You're There When..

Are We There Yet ? - You'll Know You're There When...

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